Kitchen Cabinets: Waypoint Kitchen Reviews

Kitchen Cabinets: Waypoint Kitchen Reviews

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Kitchen Cabinets: Waypoint Living Spaces Reviews

Waypoint Website:

Waypoint Living Spaces,

3102 Shawnee Drive, Winchester, Virginia, 22601-4208

General Enquiries: 877-957-7278


Waypoint Living Spaces™, is American Woodmark’s newest brand and is sold exclusively through independent Kitchen & Bath specialists. Remodel any room in your home into a special living space with a wide variety of door styles, finishes, decorative accents, and functional accessories.

Located in Winchester, VA, the American Woodmark Corporation is one of the three largest manufacturers of cabinets in the United States. All American Woodmark products are certified by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) Environmental Stewardship Program.

Waypoint Cabinets – Information:

Market Position: Middle
Kitchen Unit Quality: Average – Good
Price Fitted: $9000+
Supply Only: yes
Warranty: Limited Lifetime

Designer Training: yes
Designer Qualifications: yes
Designer Status: employed with bonuses
Commission rate: n/a

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Waypoint Cabinets – Reviews:

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Rating: 3.2/5 (323 votes cast)
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Overall Rating
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Rating: 3.9/5 (32 votes cast)
Kitchen Cabinets: Waypoint Kitchen Reviews, 3.2 out of 5 based on 323 ratings

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  1. Ben Parmer says:


    We are considering ordering the maple cream glaze cabinets from Waypoint and was wondering if we could get some pictures.

    Ben Parmer (

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  2. BobT says:

    CJ is ‘spot on’. Customer expectation levels need to be set. That job lies with the retailer. I have sold numerous Waypoint kitchens, and not a single problem! Not one of my customers have called me. The Waypoint line is a Quality line.

    On to their Customer Service: I sell two other lines besides Waypoint. A higher quality and a lesser one. Each of which provide very good to excellent customer service. Waypoint is ‘head over heels’ better that the others. Their technical team is terrific, never having to call me back with an answer to a question or problem I may have been having. Always solving or answering the problem/question the first time.

    So, I’m with CJ, many, many customer issues lie in two places, the Waypoint dealer (Overselling the product), and/or the CONTRACTOR! It’s been my experience, for every excellent contractor, there are five ‘shoemakers’. So, be careful when selecting your contractor, do your homework, ask him the right questions. And remember, this is not Sears delivering a stove or refrigerator, it’s multiple pieces. Very few kitchen projects go without a hitch, many of which can and should be corrected on-site by the contractor. Anyone can feel free to contact me (by email), and I would be happy to assist you as best I can (whether you’re a customer of mine or not) Thank you.

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  3. Ansha says:

    After googling in search of bathroom ideas I found this blog. Going on 3 years ago my husband & I had our kitchen remodeled with Waypoint cabinets. We were happy then & are happy now. No real problems. A door did come dented. Some of the drawers were not aligned. Our carpenter was not part of Waypoint & even recommended another brand even though we chose Waypoint. He explained that dings, dents & drawer alignment were expected from shipping. And anything that was not up to par is always covered by warranty with a reputable company. We reported the dented door to the dealer we purchased the cabinets from & had a new door shipped to our door step in about a week. The dealer didn’t even want our old door back. They just took our word for it. Our carpenter aligned the drawer & still to this day the kitchen works & looks like new. Now we are going to remodel our master bathroom & will be using WayPoint as well.

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  4. Mandy Coombs says:

    Too early to rate overall or about the customer service, but our painted glazed cabinets are being installed this week and out of the first few that have been installed, we have found 4 drawers with defects (paint peeled, scratches, nicks) and and tow cabinets with paint “seams” down the middle. Not impressed so far Waypoint. We have an American Woodmark (parent of Waypoint) vanity that is stained. Had one door where the grain was not acceptable and Home Depot had it replaced promptly. Now with these, though annoyed by the quality control, I’m hoping for a smooth and prompt replacement of which looks like will be a lot of cabinets. Stressful :(

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  5. Dorothy says:

    looking to remodel my kitchen my designer is pushing waypoint 400 line with veneer finish. Has any purchased these and can you tell me about your experience

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  6. Adam says:

    I am looking to purchase waypoint cabinets and you have all confused me. I still don’t know if I should buy them!

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    • Sarah says:


      I purchased my waypoint cabinets almost a year ago and I love them. My designer set my expectations on what I would be getting. price was also a factor in making my decision/ because I could not afford custom. if you look at other cabinets the finishes are fairly the same but more money.

      Whenever I have get together’s my friends and family always ask me about my kitchen.


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    • Adam don’t go with Waypoint. Just redid my very small kitchen, something wrong with each cabinet, mostly the finish. They keep sending replacements that just have something else wrong. My kitchen designer has been great, though. What a nightmare I could have done better at Ikea.

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  7. Rose says:

    I am located in Maryland and considering purchasing Waypoint cabinets, 720F door style, maple wood painted finish, butterscotch glaze. If anyone has any advice, good or bad, let me know. Thank you.

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  8. I have been selling Waypoint since they started. I have found the customer service is the best in the industry. Every issue was handled promptly and without hassle. I wanted to post this because of a few negative posts. I want to assure people that this is a wonderful product. Sometimes it is the dealer or the installer with the problems. I have had all types of painted finishes from them and have not seen the issues one customer had. Speaking with company higher ups they will not leave a single customer unhappy with the product and will bend over backwards to get them satisfied.

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  9. James says:

    Im surprised with some of these reviews. I purchased a WayPoint kitchen a little over a year ago & i am still 110% satisfied. Before hearing of WayPoint I was shopping Omega Dynasty & Masterpiece. Both of those lines are semi custom & similar priced. They also both have many bells & whistles available. The price of those were high but seemed worth the value. Then one of the dealers I was working with mentioned WayPoint & told me that they are also semi custom and can accomodate my needs. My wife & I got a price on the 720F door style in maple cream glaze. WayPoint was 30% less than the competitors brands. WayPoint offered all the same bells & whistles as well. We have double roll out trays with soft close & double level cutlery trays, ect. The options are available. Also as someone mentioned here, the doors on the cabinets were all not exactly even. But as my carpenter explained it’s completely normal and usually happens during shipping. He explained that any good carpenter takes the doors off the cabinets when installing & puts the doors back on when the job is finished. We did have one door with a rough factory finish. We called our dealer & another door was sent out to us Fed Ex in about a week. Now over a year later, I am very happy with my cabinets & would recommend them to everyone.

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  10. Louis B. says:

    I purchased Waypoint Cabinetry from a dealer in Rhode Island. The cabinetry I purchased is a painted finish. I was very disappointed with the quality of the finish.The edges were very dry, and the finish was bubbling. The manufacturer sent their local representative to view the product. She (M***) was not very knowledgeable, and could not offer a solution. It turns out she(M***)is married to the dealer that I purchased the product through. Seems fishy to me. In all, we had a re-finisher come to our home and refinish many of the defective items. We are out of pocket $1200.00 for the re-finish. I do not recommend Waypoint, nor do I recommend the factory representative!

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    • Michael A. says:

      Louis B.
      I would love for you to come forward on this. Anyone that’s ever dealt with (M***). No matter what line she has represented. She has always stood behind the product and taken care of any issues. I have been selling cabinets over 10 plus years and she is one of the best representatives out there. She always picks up the phone if she not with a customer, or always calls you right back. She is VERY knowledgeable about the product (Waypoint) she sells. Waypoint’s customer service is by far one of the best I deal with. The product is a middle of the road product and is about 20% less then these other mid level brands. To me personal they have one of the better finishes out there. I would really like to know who refinished your kitchen so I can contact them. Any representative cannot go out to a job without someone from a dealer to represent them. Because I know one thing for sure is the representative of waypoint would never let an issue like this pass by without being resolved. The dealer you are talking is “I” We have sold plenty of white kitchens without any issues. Every line out there has something that could come in damage, or have a slight finish issue. These are always resolved. I would love to hear from you on this and why is the first I’m hearing about this situation? Why haven’t you called us the dealer? Why are you saying the representative has been to the job, when she has not? I really would like for you to call me with your order information so we could help you.

      Thanks, Michael

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    • Paul says:

      I second your review!! 80% of the doors and drawer fronts are very poorly painted and finished. If anyone would like to see photos I have them.

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      • patrick odonnell says:

        please send me the pictures you have and let me know if the issue was resolved with the distributer. Thank you, Patrick

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      • david says:

        i would like to see the pic im getting ready to buy about $10,000 worth of cabinets

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  11. I have been a Waypoint dealer for a year now and have had excellent experience. My sales rep is a dream and her production team is super responsive on phone or email. I had a blemish on the finish of a piece of white trim and the company immediately ordered a replacement, without a photo or a return or a question. I am impressed with their service ethic.

    The shipping and delivery is fantastic. Each cabinet is individually boxed and the carrier stacks them inside the home on a Waypoint supplied tarp. White glove. Cabinets are shipped 28 days after I place an order on their user friendly Java app.

    The cabinet quality is mid-grade, as mentioned above. That is more a reflection of the finishes offered and options available. The construction of the case is somewhat modular and the drawer guides just snap into place. The pricing reflects this and I find them to be 20% lower than a lot of comparable lines.

    If Joe has damaged cabinets, he should take some pictures and email the company. From what I have seen they will take care of it. If the cabinets were damaged after deliver, or the installer is over their head, then the problem may not be with Waypoint. Joe refers to the ‘price he paid’ as justification for his expectations, but really he should know what he way buying. From my experience, Waypoint does deliver a good product at a very fair price, but your mileage may vary.

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  12. Tom says:

    I agree with CJ and I feel that Joe may not be placing the blame for his issues in the right place. If Joe is seeing so many problems in his own installation that he did not see in the showroom it clearly points to the installation contractor. Cabinet manufacturers do not produce product any differently for the showroom than they do the homeowner. As far as pricing goes, I find that Waypoint is the best value out there when you consider the consistent quality, attention to detail, reliable lead times and ease of ordering. Joe also needs to understand that Waypoint has little influence on what their dealers charge for the product and how the present it to the customer.

    My first question of the sales rep from Waypoint when offered the line was, “tell me about the customer service and problem resolution”. My sales rep praised her “team” for their professionalism. I did not understand why there was such and emphasis on “team” until I had the opportunity to deal with them. It does not matter when I call or who I speak to I get an entusiastic response from knowledgable professionals that truly care that my customer is a happy customer.

    In response to Roberts comments, I am unclear if he is a dealer or homeowner. I can say without hesitation that my sales rep is an extremely knowlegeable professional that is a credit to Waypoint Living Spaces. I find the line broad in its offerings and a pleasure to sell. Thank you Waypoint!!

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  13. heather says:

    Just got the cabinets…looked at all of them and there’s an issue with each. Very poor craftsmanship and bad finishing, as well as chips and scratches. If I wanted cheap cabinets I would have ordered them from China, they probably would have been nicer and cheaper! Does anyone have higher management contact information? I’m fighting now to get everything replaced or be compensated for the damage and the customer service is very bad, I’m just going in circles. So frustrated!

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    • Paul says:

      I wish I read your review prior to buying waypoint. You are 100% correct regarding their poor finish on painted cabinets. 90% had defective finishes’

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    • says:

      Hello Heather, I am considering ordering WayPoint cabinets from a retailer in Tampa. Did you ever get your issues resolved? What color did you buy? Was yours a painted finish? I think type I am ordering are “620″ cabinets. What was the type you ordered? Thanks for any information. Bob

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  14. Robert says:

    What a disappointment. I learned that Waypoint is merely a spin-off of American Woodmark sold at the big box store. The cabinetry doesn’t offer any options, and is nothing more than a marketing ploy. I wish I knew that before I spent the money to purchase such an inferior product. I have had several issues with the quality of the finish. I live in New England, so the manufacturer sent their local representative out to see the issues. That was a waste of time, as she doesn’t seem to know anything about kitchen cabinetry. I cannot endorse this product!

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  15. Mackey says:

    I have to disagree with the review posted on Waypoint cabinets. I purchased them a few months back and my family has been extremely happy with the quality and the price was a great value. We compared them to other like brands and it wasn’t close based on those 2 factors. I would buy them again and have referred a few friends to the company we bought them from telling them to buy Waypoint!

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  16. DLM says:

    Thanks for posting and saving others a headache. I now make it a practice to check reviews before going to deep into a product and wasting time. It’s too bad manufacturers don’t take these reviews seriously. THANKS

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  17. Joe says:

    I am surprised to see such high ratings for Waypoint cabinets. My wife and I are going through a living nightmare remodeling our kitchen. It seems like at least half the cabinets have something wrong about them (shoddy staining, drawers that are not aligned properly, cracks, varying appearance, etc). Every day we look at the cabinets, we see something new as they are being installed. We are constantly calling the store that we bought them through to have someone come out and look at the latest thing we discovered. They are priced too high to have this many issues.

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    • Amy says:

      I wanted to respond to Joe. I recdently had a Waypoint Kitchen installed. There were a few issues (that should be expected on a remodel project). My dealer and Waypoint took care of each of the items in a timely and professional manner with no hesitation or questions. I was told their motto was “if I wasnt happy, then they werent happy” The Waypoint warranty and customer service team is top notch and second to none. I couldnt imagine a better experience. I simply love my kitchen. There is just no way that I could have found a better value for such an AWESOME product. Thanks Waypoint and Statewide Cabinets for making my kitchen the highlight of my home.

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      • John says:


        I am considering Waypoint, what color did you choose? i can’t decide on the maple cream or linen.

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      • heather says:

        I disagree 100%…maybe your cabinets turned out great, but I’m going through a nightmare with my kitchen. The craftsmanship is very poor and I have been going in circles with them telling them I need replacements and I’m not putting what I have currently in my kitchen. I am unable to be transferred to a higher-up in the company to get my issue resolved. Very angry for the amount of money that I paid to receive poorly finished cabinets with scratches and chips on the corners.

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      • WayPointWrongDirection says:

        Glad to hear your success. I was told by my WayPoint local management you need to design your kitchen around your appliances. Maybe my Waypoint designer should have known…. pick your appliances then see if the cabinets fit.

        I have base cabinets cracked, door pulls misaligned, missing corner molding, I could go on.

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    • CJ says:

      I have been a kitchen dealer for over 20yrs and have been selling Waypoint since they launched the line. It sounds to me that the dealer Over Sold the product to you. There isn’t a major manufacture on the market today that I’m not intimately familiar with. Waypoint is a middle of the road line, and it sounds like the dealer should have sold you a better grade of cabinetry. Of course with wood you will have small knots, mineral streaks, varying appearance etc. the level of this depends on the grade of cabinetry. This all depends on the finish you picked and the wood species you picked. I can tell you that the “drawers that are not aligned properly” is completely standard industry wide. There is not a single manufacturer anywhere.. stock, semi-custom, or custom that pre-align doors and drawers, and even if they did, which they don’t, just shipping the cabinets will throw off that alignment. With any cabinet line, in their specs they ALWAYS have a disclaimer that some door and drawer adjustment will need to be done jobsite. Your contractor should know this, and should have explained that to you, it’s a no-brainer.. Frankly if he didn’t, he’s doesn’t know what he’s doing. If you bought them somewhere where he didn’t send you, I would suspect that he has been bad mouthing them because he lost out on his piece of the cabinet sale. Bottom line is, your expectations are not in line with what you actually purchased.

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