Kitchen Cabinets: Diamond Cabinet Reviews

Kitchen Cabinets: Diamond Cabinet Reviews

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Kitchen Cabinets: Diamond Cabinetry Reviews

Diamond Cabinetry Website:

Cabinetry By Diamond (Masterbrand),

P.O. Box 420, Jasper, Indiana, 47547-0420

General Enquiries: 812-482-2527


Diamond Cabinetry is one of the leading semi-custom cabinet manufacturers in the United States.

As part of the MasterBrand Cabinets family of brands, Diamond have been part of kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects and new home construction for over thirty years.

Diamond Cabinets offer a large selection of high quality kitchen cabinets (as well as bathroom cabinets and cabinets for every room in your home!). They also offer an extensive line of clever organization cabinets to help provide organization solutions throughout anyone’s home.

Diamond Cabinets – Information:

Market Position: Low – Middle
Kitchen Unit Quality: Good – Very Good
Price Fitted: varies with dealership
Supply Only: varies with dealership
Warranty: Limited Lifetime

Designer Training: varies with dealership
Designer Qualifications: varies with dealership
Designer Status: varies with dealership
Commission rate: varies with dealership

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Diamond Cabinets – Reviews:

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Rating: 3.1/5 (116 votes cast)
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Overall Rating
Cabinet Quality
Door Quality
Hardware Quality
Choice of Styles
Price / Value
Customer Services
Rating: 3.2/5 (13 votes cast)
Kitchen Cabinets: Diamond Cabinet Reviews, 3.1 out of 5 based on 116 ratings

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  1. maria says:

    purchased kitchen cabinets and had installed by lowes. Horrible experience. Cabinets started to peel not even one year after installation. Diamond rep and lowes rep made me feel as I was exaggerating and making a big deal of nothing. The diamond rep said that will happen because cabinets are near water all the time. I am SOOOOO sorry I used them. They sent me some pieces to replace the damaged cabinets, however, we need to install them AND there are pieces they WONT send because diamond rep said I didn’t tell him when he came to my house. Not to mention diamond rep and lowes rep came to my house unexpectedly, I had to run out therefore, didn’t get a chance to give him all the items that needed to be replaced. There were about 14 pieces. Diamond rep would only replace the pieces I told him about while he was at my home. I am so disgusted with them. I would NEVER recommend them. So angry I spend about 16k in March of 2010 and my kitchen cabinets are peeling and look terrible!!!! I told diamond rep, my cabinets in my bathroom have vapor,steam water ALL the time have had them for years, paint not peeling…he had no response for that. Diamond cabinets ARE the worst !!!!!!

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  2. Merle says:

    We purchased Diamond Prelude cabinets at Lowes, took longer than expected due to poor organization between somewhere in the process, but they arrived, and damage was plentiful. Warped door, scratched shelving, sticky stuff on several, peeling Thermafoil, broken corner with particle board falling out, plenty of issues. Called Lowes, after the inspector/installer failed to mention any of this stuff which I discovered on closer inspection on my own, and three people came to “observe the damage” including the rep from Diamond. I think the cabinets look very cheap, and for 12 cabinets at over 3000.00 bucks I wanted them returned. I was convinced to keep them, and some cabinets are going to be resurfaced, imagine that for a new cabinet already needing resurfacing, some will be replaced, others, door replacement and shelf replacement. I am already weary, but I trust the Diamond rep will make it good, and if not, there is always Lowe’s to complain to. I would not buy them again. I wanted to send them back and go with Shenandoah, but Lowes designer said that would be a bigger mistake, and that their cabinets are even less perfect. Boy, am I making a mistake here?

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  3. Doug says:

    I ordered $16,000.00 worth of Diamond cabinets. Several had glue on them that I was able to clean off. They lost one cabinet through their shipper and Lowe’s salesman found it two months later on the trucking company shipping dock, Diamond never attempted to locate it.The cabinets are of good made quality but the inspection before shipping is terrible. I returned one damaged cabinet and took 6 weeks to get another one after numerous letters of complaint to Diamond and Lowe’s. The customer service is terrible!!! Diamond likes to sell you the cabinets and then forget you as a customer! Lowe’s needs to drop them from their sales. they just shut down a plant in Martinsville, Virginia and this has slowed them down on filling orders, especially replacements. Diamond could do better with customer service!!!!!!!

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  4. Lee says:

    Do not purchase from Diamond. Very poor quality and very expensive. Customer support from Diamond is horrible. There are too many other quality cabinet manufacturers out there. Poor finish quality, stripped screws, pieces arrived dented. Diamond customer service is a joke. Once they sell you the product they don’t have any interest in helping the customer resolve issues that quite frankly should never have been there to begin with….say no to Diamond and do yourself a favor.

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  5. Shelly says:

    We order Diamond cabinets from Lowe’s and had absolutely no problem. We ordered a total of 15 cabinets which arrived perfectly within a month of ordering them, along with all the misc. trim and crown pieces. They were evenly finished and exactly what we saw on the display at Lowe’s. We order the shaker style deep chocolate cabinets and they are beautiful. We will say that we were skeptical on ordering cabinets because of our deadline and if we were to have some issue arrise it would have put a wrench in our plans. Nope, went better than expected and they were exactly what we were looking for.

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  6. Frank says:

    I got diamond cabinets at Lowes. Very poor stain quality. Damaged doors. Replacement doors also damaged with poor stain. Stripped screws. They sent me stain to touch them up.

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