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Kitchen Cabinets: Decora Kitchens

Decora Kitchens Website:

Cabinetry By Decora,

P.O. Box 420, Jasper, Indiana, 47547-0420

General Enquiries: 812-482-2527



Exquisite Detail. Superior Service. This is what separates a Decorá Cabinetry kitchen from the rest. Every Decorá Cabinetry semi-custom cabinet is hand crafted in Jasper Indiana, an American woodworking and furniture-making hub since German furniture makers founded the town in the 1800s. Their knowledge has been handed down, generation to generation, and can still be seen in every cabinet they make today.

Decorá Cabinetry is part of Masterbrand Cabinets, America’s second largest cabinet manufacturers. What is now Masterbrand began as early as 1926 with Kemper Cabinets, one of the earliest cabinet companies in America. Today, Masterbrand build some of the most recognizable brands in the kitchen industry, including Aristokraft, Diamond, Omega, Home Crest, Kitchen Craft, Somersby, Georgetown, Capital Cabinet, Kitchen Classics and Maple Creek.

Decorá Cabinetry, however, stands apart from Mastercraft’s other brands in some important ways. They founded the brand in 1976 for customers who were truly passionate about their home. These are the customers who look beyond the ordinary… customers needing the highest possible quality, and a whole world of choices to make design dreams come true.

When you order a Decorá Cabinetry kitchen, it is constructed from scratch, to your exacting specifications, by some of the most experienced fine cabinetmakers in the nation. Special orders are Decora’s specialty, and they believe it shows in the impeccable functionality, fit and fashion of their cabinets.

You can find Decorá Cabinetry through a national network of 1,000 dealers and highly trained kitchen designers. They can help you navigate Decora’s amazing array of product choices, and help you bring your dreams to life.

Decora Cabinets – Information:

Market Position: Middle – Upper
Kitchen Unit Quality: Very Good – Excellent
Price Fitted: varies with supplier
Supply Only: varies with supplier
Warranty: Limited Lifetime

Designer Training: varies with supplier
Designer Qualifications: varies with supplier
Designer Status: varies with supplier
Commission rate: varies with supplier

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Decora Cabinets – Reviews:

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Rating: 3.1/5 (114 votes cast)
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Rating: 3.9/5 (4 votes cast)
Kitchen Cabinets: Decora Kitchens Reviews, 3.1 out of 5 based on 114 ratings

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  1. I would stay away from their cabinets. My paint is wearing away anywhere your hands touch them. They are also splitting at some of the finished seams and have several knicks that just appear over time. We have only had these cabinets for a short amount of time and paid a great deal of money for them. A rep. came and told us that this was considered “Normal wear and tear” So basically they were made to look pretty but not to use them! Plus there is no solution as you can’t repaint them on your own and get the same finish.

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  2. Very, very happy with Decora kitchen cabinets. Lots of extras, spice cabinets, drawers, soft closing rollers, lazy susans, pull-out shelving in lower cabinets and the finish is beautiful. Very pleased!

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  3. I have Decora cabs in cherry mink. My island is maple the color of eggshell. There are nice cabinets and look quite custom.

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    • Hello: We purchased decora cabinets thru Kitchen Expo.
      We went with cherry cabinets Stain Coffee Sienna along the perimeter of the kitchen and painted glaze chantille coffee for the island. I saw a lot of bad reviews on some of the sites about Decora and i was a little hesitant on purchasing them, but out of all the cabinets we have seen the finishes on them are beautiful. Anyway the island is Maple wood with painted chantille coffee glaze. The KD send us an e-mail stating that we did not sign a painted finishing agreement with decora so the order has not been put thru yet. The finishing agreement states that the panels on the Island is MDF not Maple wood, which we did not know and if you go on their website it shows we could get the maple wood with chantille coffee in wood. I guess my question to you would be how is your island holding up and if your panels are MDF or wood. I called decora and they said all painted inset panels are made out of MDF.
      I told them they need to fix their site. Now – i am a little worried about dealing with them.
      Please let me know.

      Thank you,

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